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During her time in the NHS Dr Rushmere has developed a number of specialist areas of interest. These areas include; Developmental Trauma and Attachment Difficulties, Animal Assisted Therapy, The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health and Consultation/Supervision.

Mother and Baby


Dr Rushmere is particularly interested in developmental trauma and attachment based difficulties and the impact on the developing brain. She led the development of a Pre-birth and Early Attachment Service, which aimed at supporting pregnant young mothers in developing strong attachment to their babies pre and post birth. Dr Rushmere conitnues to works closely with the Local Authority, assessing the psychological needs of Looked After and adopted children. Dr Rushmere is fully trained in Development Dyadic Psychotherapy and was lucky enough to be trained directly by  by Dan Hughes, who developed this attachment based therapeutic approach.

Animal brown horse


Dr Rushmere is trained in Equine Assisted Therapy through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. She has been involved in research and service developments in this area. She was Lead Researcher for a joint research initiative between Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust  and Lincoln University and set up the Research into Equine Assisted Activity and Clinical Therapy Project. This evaluated the effect of horse based contact on anxiety, moods and self esteem in adults with severe and enduring mental health difficulties. She presented the finding of this research at the 12th International Association of Human Animal Interaction Organisation Conference in Stockholm in 2010.

Dr Rushmere has enjoyed links with Foxdale Equine Assisted Learning (FEAL) in Grantham for several years and has recently formally joined their team. 

More information on FEAL can be found on their website:



Dr Rushmere also has a passion for the benefits of human-animal contact and is a trained Animal Assisted Therapist. She was joined by her Therapy Dog Petra, in 2012, who was recruited as the first NHS Therapy Dog within Lincolnshire, if not Nationally! Petra continues to work alongside her and is a loyal friend and invaluable co-therapist. Petra is a rescue dog from Spain and her life story has proved immensely valuable when working with looked after and adopted children.

Social network concept


Dr Rushmere has a passionate interest in the increasing prevalence of Mental Health difficulties in young people, and the exploration of factors contributing to this. She has been vocal in raising awareness of the benefits but also the significant challenges and pitfalls of social media on psychological wellbeing.



Dr Rushmere has extensive experience in supervising psychologists and other mental health professionals over the past 20 years. Supporting professionals in developing their clinical skills and sharing her knowledge and breadth of experience is an immensely rewarding and integral part of her clinical practice.

Dr Rushmere offers individuals clinical supervision, group and peer supervision. 

Dr Rushmere also offers consultations to professionals from a wide professional background on complex cases. She has worked closely with Social Services and agencies involved in supporting children with complex needs. 

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